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A Whole Flight of Beer Soaps

None If there’s been one constant in your adult life, it’s been beer (bacon is a close second).

It’s been your friend through thick and thin. It’s counseled you late at night. And then last year, you began cleaning with it.

Today is no different. You’ve just got more options.

Presenting Brooklyn Brewery Beer Soap, which takes your love of that beer-y clean feeling and adds a beer-flight element, available now.

We’ve come a long way as a species, and as far as we can tell, next to Manifest Destiny and civil rights, beer soap is one of those high-water marks that future civilizations (and potentially alien civilizations) will look back on and say, “Well done.”

And when they realize we saw the potential of beer to make a good soap (all the natural acids and B vitamins are beneficial for hair and skin), and then we took the next step and made a flight of beer soaps, well, let’s just say there will be some kind of statue about it (or at least a hologram of one).

To be more specific: you’ll now have the option of cleaning yourself each morning with a two-ounce bar of lager soap, a brown ale soap or a black chocolate stout soap.

Also known as the John Lackey three-pack.

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