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We just invented a game.

It’s called Steak and Lobster and Cougars.

The objective: amass gratuitous quantities of each.


And if you’re serious about winning, we’ll see you at Ocean Prime—a sprawling compound of lobster tails, black-truffle-buttered filets and the belles of a certain age who love them. It’s taking reservations now for its charity preview soiree next Thursday and officially opening October 25 in Buckhead.

On to that cougar thing in a minute. Promise. But first, as you make your entrance, a very simple choice: left or right. Make that left and you’ll find yourself in the main dining room surrounded by flickering candlelight, white tablecloths and enormous black leather banquettes.

And that’s exactly where you and a date will go to fade into glorious oblivion over bottles of pinot, while you watch your shrimp pappardelle and White Truffle Caviar Deviled Eggs fly out of the open kitchen.

But to play out an entirely different angle, bank right and follow the blue LED lights to the Blu Lounge bar—a 360-degree black granite number with a grand piano off to the side, where you’ll find crooners belting out Dean Martin and Sinatra tunes every night of the week.

Oh, and all of the cocktails are intentionally feline-friendly—think Berries & Bubbles with champagne and Grand Marnier–soaked berries—so between those and buzzwords like oysters, lobster bisque and black truffle mac and cheese... we like your chances.

It’s a cougar-eat-cougar world out there.

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