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A Two-Seater with Skis

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Birds. Base jumpers. Superman.

You’ve always envied their abilities. To fly, yes, but also to land wherever they please.

If only there were a plane that could land on, say, a snowy Alpine back bowl—and then lift off from a glacial lake later that afternoon.

Actually, now that you mention it...

Introducing the Akoya, a new customizable two-seater plane built for land, water and, of course, snow, available for preorders now.

So the next time you’re in the market for winter-trip-friendly light aircraft (hey, you never know), consider this: the first amphibious plane to come with removable skis midway up its wheels. The game-changing implication: it’s now possible to take off from, for example, water, and land on snow. Ice. Or dry land. Bonus: the plane’s pivoting wings mean it’ll fit nicely in the Aspen garage.

Should you decide you need one of these things, you’ll be invited to the outfit’s offices in France, where you’ll choose your equipment (Top Gun–themed floor mats: a possibility) and get set up with a personal advisor pilot. And while you’re over there, you might as well start the Akoya training program, where you’ll log hours flying around the Alps and Lake Bourget.

Might as well get some skiing in while you’re at it.

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