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UD - EpicMix You’re starting to think this could be a record-breaking season.

The legs have never felt better. You’ve got new gear. And you spent your off-season in a very rigorous après-ski training program.

Yet, unless they invent baseball cards for skiers, or Warren Miller comes out of retirement, your accomplishments would go unrecorded.

Not anymore.

Introducing EpicMix, a new stat-tracking system that stores your greatest skiing achievements, available online now.

Here’s how this thing works: at a handful of resorts in Colorado—Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, the like—your lift ticket and season pass will be outfitted with a radio frequency chip. It’ll automatically track your stats—days skied, vertical feet traveled, slopes taken, that kind of thing. Then, the next time you log on to the EpicMix site, your info will have been updated automatically. (Spy satellites may also play a key role.)

Because you don’t just ski for the stats, but also for virtual glory (and the occasional Olympic medal), you can post your stats to Facebook and Twitter. As you progress, you’ll also unlock various “achievements,” like the Monogamist (riding the same lift 10 times in one day), the Snow Turkey (skiing on Thanksgiving) and the Steve Austin (for covering 6,000,000 vertical feet of snow).

No word yet on an award for most hot tubs sampled.

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