Scorpion King

The Scorpion Jacket from Drive

None To properly maneuver your way through Downtown, you need a few critical tools:

Really good music. An inhuman ability to process lots of one-way streets. And of course: a silver jacket with a giant scorpion on the back...

Yes, it’s real: introducing The Official Replica Drive Scorpion Jacket, your chance to channel your inner Gosling on LA’s mean streets, available now for preorder.

First things first: sadly, this thing won’t get to you in time for Halloween. So you might need to repurpose the toothpick, driving gloves and 400 gallons of red corn syrup you already have at the ready. But if you watched Ryan Gosling cruise around Downtown in Drive wearing that crazy jacket and you thought, “Hey, I could totally pull that off,” well, the Internet comes through again.

The company says it’s officially licensed, but all you really need to know is, yes, it’s satin, and yes, there’s a big yellow scorpion on the back. And if you order now, you’ll have it on your doorstep mid-November.

Which is generally regarded as scorpion jacket season.


The Official Replica Drive Scorpion Jacket

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