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Rum and Oysters Behind a White Picket Fence

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You’re a fairly observant person.

So chances are, you don’t need a team of Italian scientists, your leisure sports consultant or even us to come to the following conclusion:

Bocce has officially reached pandemic status in this town.

Its next host: a raucous little seafood spot in the heart of Decatur.

Welcome to Harbour Bar & Fish House, your new seafaring bunker for littleneck clams, oysters Rockefeller and alfresco rum tippling, opening Monday on Church Street.

The first thing you’ll notice: this is an actual house. As in white picket fence, wraparound porch and huge front yard complete with two regulation bocce courts and a loose keep-off-the-grass policy.

Take it in. You’ll be back out there soon enough. But then, head up the creaky porch steps to the front door. On the other side—a fireplace and a few high-top tables to your left, a small dining room to your right and a copper-topped bar straight ahead (don’t worry, they didn’t forget the kitsch-tastic maritime paraphernalia either).

And come winter, that bar is exactly where you’ll want to burrow down with a Pimm’s Cup and some lobster corn chowder. But until the low-80s take their final bow, you’re probably better off hitting the patio with a Pearl Harbor Punch and some fish tacos.

Or the bocce courts, but come on already.

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