Things to do for September 29, 2011

The Weekender

Italian Zombies, Rock Climbing and Grilled Cheese

The weekend thinks it did a good job on Brady’s hair.

Like Cliffhanger. But Real.

Like <em>Cliffhanger</em>. But Real.

October. Something about it screams adventure. Thus, you’ll want to check out the Reel Rock Film Tour, featuring giveaways (we’re guessing hand chalk) and scenes of people climbing up dangerous frozen waterfalls, traversing rocky cliffs and even walking across high wires. It’s like someone filmed your weekends.

Saturdays = Wine and Prunes

Saturdays = Wine and Prunes

Some drab rain predicted for this weekend. Also predicted: two hours of rioja-tasting and gratis tapas (bacon-wrapped prunes with goat cheese, croquetas) from Tapeo. Call it a reason to get you up and out, or to go give your Madrid-born date a taste of home. Either one.

Italian Zombies and Burlesque

Italian Zombies and Burlesque

And now that you’re out, you can make it a long night by filling your weekly classic-35mm-Italian-zombie-film-and-live-burlesque quota. Hit the midnight Demons screening at the Coolidge to make it happen. And since you’re wondering, yes, Mötley Crüe is on the soundtrack to the movie.

Sundays = Grilled Cheese. Obviously.

Sundays = Grilled Cheese. Obviously.

Sundays were made for grilled cheese. And starting this Sunday, you have four hours to embrace six different forms of the universally beloved American sandwich (think: house bread, queso fresco, braised short rib) at Met Back Bay. There are also bacon-dusted fries. Seriously.

Sundays starting Oct 2, 5-9pm, Met Back Bay, 279 Dartmouth St, 617-267-0451

Germany, in Davis Square

Germany, in Davis Square

You loved Oktoberfest in Munich this year. Good news: you can keep the party going this weekend in Davis Square. For six hours, you’ll be thrust into a world of outdoor beer gardens, bratwursts from Foundry on Elm and Redbones, live brass bands and polka. Wearing your lederhosen: encouraged.

Oct 2, noon-6pm, cash booths, Davis Square (at Elm and Chester St), Somerville

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