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Sushi and Sake from the Pubbelly Guys

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In the beginning, there was Pubbelly.

And there was pork. And oysters. And many, many beers.

And it was good.

And then, there was another. With crab BLT rolls. And robata-grilled pork belly. And many, many beers.

And it was known as Pubbelly Sushi, a den of Japanese tapas from the owners of Pubbelly next door, opening one week from tonight in South Beach.

Here’s how this will play out. Come some night in the near future, escort your date into the brick-walled, graffiti-lined tavern that feels like it’s been airlifted out of an alley in New York’s East Village. Get comfortable with a few Sapporos at the marble sushi bar.

But stay focused, because this is where your parade of small plates begins.

You’ll want to order the Porkbelly & Clams roll, made with the PB team’s trademark barbecued belly and kimchi coleslaw. Maybe a round of robata-grilled Amazon paiche fish dressed with olive miso. Then that Softshell Crab BLT roll.

If you’re in the mood for traditional stuff, they’ve got that, too—some spicy tuna and a wedge salad with ginger dressing—all from a chef who hails from SushiSamba in Vegas.

That other hotbed of raw fish.

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