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None Tough loss for the Falcons yesterday.


Good talk.

Oh, one more thing, actually. We noticed you had a tailgate party in your living room (the fire pit was a nice touch). But we also noticed a semi-unforgivable lack of charcuterie, bourbon ice cream and champagne jam. And cheerleaders.

We’ll work on that last part...

As for the rest, you’ll find it at Local Market South, an Atlanta-based online emporium of Southern-only foodstuffs, up to and including the occasional spreadable booze sighting, available now for your fall provisioning needs.

You’ll be doing some tailgating this fall. It’s just what you do. And not that you take it too seriously or anything, but the last time someone showed up to your party with Funyuns, you set fire to the bag, screamed something in Farsi (note: you don’t speak Farsi) and had Arthur Blank personally escort him off the premises.

Only the best for your parking lot soirees. Which means you have two choices when it comes to the food part: 1) Drive all over Georgia and stop at every farmers’ market and specialty shop along the way. 2) Go to this site instead.

Should you choose option 2, you’ll be privy to paprika salami and pancetta from Pine Street Market, chocolates from Sugar-Coated Radical, steak sauces made in Woodstock, prosecco ice cream from High Road and, of course, those alcohol-y jams from Dunwoody.

They’re like slow jams, but with hooch in them. And actual jams.

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