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Flatbreads and 99 Beers in the West End

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You’ve got your power lunch spots, where you plot matters of international concern.

And you’ve got your nighttime beer-and-pizza joints, where you plot matters of a more delicate nature.

If only you could consolidate them under one roof.

Problem solved, because here comes District Commons, the latest venture from the guys behind DC Coast and Acadiana, opening Friday in the West End to combine your deal-making and your beer-hunting.

Surrounded by giant light fixtures and even giant-er windows on every side, this is where you’ll want to take some heavies from the IMF to run some postgame on this weekend’s meetings over Brick-Pressed Chicken and towers of fresh raw bar. (Note: if discretion is paramount, ask for the dark and clandestine Table 64 in back.)

But you’ll be back after nightfall to settle into the industrial-looking lounge, with a concrete bar, brick walls and exposed pipes gracing its high ceiling. Oh, and also: a three-tiered cooler where you’ll find exactly 99 types of American beer displayed. On the wall.

Pair them up with Lamb Sausage Flatbreads or the day’s Pig Board (i.e., artisanal hams, served on a board that looks like a pig). Or just wait until 10pm, when you’ll hear a loud iron bell clang. That means the night’s “family meal” is ready, when $12 gets you meat loaf, fried chicken or maybe huevos rancheros.

Breakfast for dinner’s always been your kryptonite.

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