Extreme Close-Up

A Different Kind of Family Portrait

UrbanDaddy - DNA The art world's a hectic place, and no sooner have you plopped down four figures on a Malaysian prayer tapestry than you find the same one hanging in your friend's loft. Maybe it's time for something a little more personal.

Maybe even something identifiable…

Introducing DNA Art, a service that lets you cover your walls with something entirely yours: your chromosomes.

The website lets you sort through options like coloring (from citron to mint), size (two to four-and-a-half feet wide) and even layout—including a split screen for couples. Then you just drop a cheek swab into the mail (they'll send you a kit) and let the lab folks work their CSI magic. All that's left to do is hang the canvas on the wall and let the world see your helixes.

You can add your signature if you want to make it especially personal or, as an added bonus, use the GenePak option to identify any genetic jackpots you may have struck, like IGF-2, one of the handful of intelligence genes, or NGF2, the gene responsible for the "butterflies in your stomach" feeling.

Like any good art, it'll teach you about yourself.

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