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Two Restaurants. One Top Chef. Go...

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Today, you face a choice.

On your right: a fluffy white cloud of a bar.

On your left: a low-lit date spot.

Okay, trick question. You can have both...

Meet Private | Social, a shiny new Uptown spot that’s actually two restaurants in one, opening tomorrow night for your dining and schmoozing needs.

Think of Social as a full-band, all-hits main set from Springsteen (“Badlands,” “Born to Run”) and Private as the hushed, low-lit acoustic encore where The Boss plays a special version of “Drive All Night.”

You’ll head to Social when you’re hitting the town with a big group—say, the Argentine polo team (those guys love Uptown). You’ll move past the socialites, past the circular bar, and then slide into one of the long banquettes facing McKinney Avenue. After perusing the sharing menu, and before devising your plan for the evening, you’ll commandeer some Top Chef Pork Buns. (Which reminds us: the chef is Tiffany Derry from Top Chef.)

You’ll head to Private for more intimate occasions—like when you need some alone time with the Argentine polo team’s head cheerleader. Your play: the black table in the corner. It looks into the kitchen, where the aforementioned Top Chef will be plating your smoked venison. More importantly, it comes with a curtain you can close for more intimate conversations.

You only discuss polo in total privacy.

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