Swamp Thing

Jazz Bands, Gumbo and Alligator Cheesecake

None You’ve queued up in a downtown park on more than one occasion to grab your lunch out of a repurposed mail van. But by now, the whole thing is feeling a bit... tame.

What you need: a hit of spice. And maybe some alligator.

So welcome Cajunātors, a NOLA-inspired truck that recently debuted at Truckeroo and is now rolling downtown for lunch and down H Street during Sunday football games.

The saints usually go marching, but if they drove, they’d be behind the wheel of something like this. A local street artist has covered it in bright murals of horn players, pianos and second line bands, so it won’t be hard to spot, but you can always track it via the magic of Twitter.

You’ll find it downtown on weekdays, of course, but you’ll really want to catch it out in front of Little Miss Whiskey’s on H Street, where it will be for every Saints game. There, you’ll say hello to your chef, Lloyd, a Louisiana native, who turns out a mean andouille and chicken gumbo, shrimp étouffée, and roast beef and fried shrimp po’boys on actual Leidenheimer bread from New Orleans.

In the works: bread pudding with rum sauce for dessert, and more adventurous menu items like Alligator Cheesecake—think alligator sausage dressed up in a quiche-like creation.

It puts alligator lemon meringue to shame.

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