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Kiss T-Shirts, Biker Gear and ’80s Vinyl

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You’ve got your buttoned-up days: the cufflinks, the wingtips. It’s all very nice.

You’ve got your casual days: the suede, the cashmere. Great.

Then there’s really casual. Like what you wear in your basement as you listen to a steady rotation of punk records and sip cold IPA and hot coffee in turn.

That’s what we’re going to tell you about today.

Namely, Joint Custody, a new—that’s right—basement-level hideaway of vintage clothes and Americana, now open right underneath Pharmacy Bar in Adams Morgan.

This is the kind of no-frills, low-ceilinged room that Henry Rollins might have gigged in back in the ’80s. And we’re not just saying that because of the Ramones records and authentic biker gang patches you’ll find here.

If it’s warmth you seek, look no further than Army field shirts from World War II or lumberjack shirts from the ’50s. Maybe round things out with ’80s Nike high-tops or one of those old-school Pittsburgh Pirates hats.

If your band is looking to outfit its rehearsal space, you can grab a vintage Technics turntable, a Debbie Harry poster and even a wah-wah pedal for your axe. And while you’re at it, something for yourself amid the dozens of vintage concert shirts. (We suggest the Scorpions, just in case you’re short on inspiration.)

Speaking of inspiration: you’ll find it amid the racks of records, everything from Springsteen to 2 Live Crew.

Oh, those collaborations that should have been...


Joint Custody
1530 U St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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