Way Out

Never Text While Driving Again

None It’s understandable. People get excited when they hear you’re on your way.

Crowded board rooms. Emergency roundtables of the city’s guayabera tailors. Hot tubs teeming with Univision interns.

Naturally, there’s only one thing to do: allow your every move to be tracked—with some help from your phone...

Presenting Onmaway, a new iPhone app that’s like a personal assistant for your various location changes, available now.

So say you’re on your way to an important meeting with city commissioners regarding your plans for a hybrid bowling alley/breakfast bar (called Cereal Bowl). But you’re running late. And cars are backed up on I-95. And the last time you texted while careening through traffic, things got hairy.

Solution: you’ll pull up Onmaway before you leave and program a Short Trip, allowing the app to track your location on a map. Next, you’ll tell the app who should be receiving your updates (via text or email). Then, like a superstar assistant, the app will send out updates on your behalf containing the message and a link to your GPS location on a map.

No, it can’t pick up your dry cleaning.

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