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An Uber Sandwich Shop in Deep Ellum

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You’re almost there.

After many years of discerning consumption (and careful counting), you’ve eaten exactly 6,999 sandwiches. (Okay, 587 of ’em were sliders.)

So now, the big decision: number 7,000.

A compelling new option: Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop, a low-maintenance joint in Deep Ellum from an Uptown Bar & Grill vet, soft-opening this Thursday.

Simply put, this is where you’ll go to grab a damn good sandwich. The decor’s straightforward—red and yellow brick walls covered with oversize ads from Mad magazine, wooden tables made from butcher blocks and a chalkboard with Urban Dictionary’s definition of a “sammich.” (Feel free to fact-check.)

Now back to number 7,000. You’ll come here and find about 10 options waiting. You may be tempted by a shaved rib eye steak on a toasted hoagie. Or the Kalua pork—cooked the night before—on a toasted bun. But for a moment like this, you’ll want to order up the Hearty Italian—made with sausage and (this is key) housemade marinara.

And when you’re fueling up for a casual night at Adair’s, pop in here for a Shiner and a Triple-Uber Burger.

It’s made with three times the usual amount of uber.


Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop
2713 Commerce St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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