In the Tank

Introducing the USB-Powered Fish Tank

None Your desk is sacred space.

Organized by a Zen guru, dusted by an award-winning French maid, it is the platform on which epic email memos have been composed, and gin-powered golf cart patents filed.

And now, it will power the gurgling universe of your seafaring friends.

Meet The Non Virtual USB Aquarium, a clunky name for what is essentially a desktop-powered fish tank, available online now.

Think of this as the Seaquarium writ small and powered through a USB dock (and without the killer whales and snow cones). It’s compact enough to share space with your framed photos with the Dalai Lama, yet substantial enough to impress passing coworkers and the occasional goldfish-loving client.

Setup is minimal. You order it online. Once it arrives, stop by a local pet store and procure a few underwater office mates. Drop them in, program the integrated speakers to play rainforest sounds and presto—calming atmosphere established. There’s even an internal filtration system, so there’s no need to worry about changing the water.

Your office wildlife intern will be relieved.


The Non Virtual USB Aquarium

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