Fake Out

To Your Rescue: Fake Text Messages

None Today, we’re about to provide you with some information that just might save your life.

Or at least help you ditch that four-hour HR meeting for a Rangers game. (Same difference.)

Meet I Fake Text, a website that lets you create a fake text message for a conversation that technically didn’t happen, online now.

Now, we’re not saying you should use this to lie. (Not that you would...) Instead, this should only be used for emergency situations. Let us paint you a picture.

You’re at Bolsa on a date with that Sarah Shahi look-alike from the gym. Just one problem: she did her homework. And by homework, we mean “memorized your every Facebook wall post since 2007.” So you decide that you’re better off as friends. In separate zip codes.

That’s when you’ll sneak away to the bathroom and dig out your phone. Go online, create a text from “Aunt Sue” that says something like this: “Your cousin is panicking about his Spanish exam tomorrow, needs your help, ASAP.” Then you’ll upload the image to your phone and stroll back to the table. Your date will sense the stress in Aunt Sue’s text (or screenshot) and understand, family first.

And if your friend got you tickets to the next Rangers day game, perhaps your investors should see a text from your neighbor saying that your house is flooding.

You’ve done crazier things for a beer and a corn dog.

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