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Terilli’s: The Second Coming

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The jazz. The martinis. The lobster fettuccine. Good lord, the lobster fettuccine.

But enough about your Labor Day BBQ, let’s talk Terilli’s...

Presenting the second coming of Terilli’s, the much-loved Italian kitchen and jazz lounge on Greenville Avenue, taking reservations Thursday for this weekend’s opening.

As you probably know, this place was taken down in the Greenville fire. As you probably don’t know, they were able to salvage a few things: the 1931 facade, the glass front door, the massive mural of four jazz musicians. What they didn’t salvage: the white tables or the baby grand (but they’ve replaced both). Also: the contact list for musicians that they’d been building since 1985. (Translation: mail them your jazz flute demo.)

As for what’s new: a large marble bar, and the even larger blue painting hanging above it. (To help you fully appreciate the brushstrokes, maybe order up a Smooth Talker—a martini made with tequila instead of vodka or gin.) There’s a new, low-lit (and therefore date-friendly) mezzanine. And a brick rooftop with a fire pit that overlooks Greenville Avenue—for that distant time when the temperature again drops below 106.

As for the menu, that’s almost unchanged: you and your date can still chow down on lobster bisque and the Tom Landry Special (chicken breast with peppers and goat cheese over chili pepper sauce).

No one would ever change Mr. Landry.


2815 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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