The Absinthe Frappe

Served Up

Absinthe, Now in Slushie Form

None The earthquake: you withstood it. The hurricane: you endured it.

What you need: an order-restoring salve that also works for welcoming back those rays of sunshine.

Yes, a frothy absinthe slushie ought to do it.

So say bonjour to The Absinthe Frappe, a multipurpose creation available now off-menu at Johnny’s Half Shell.

Picture a cocktail created by some existential Bohemians in a smoky European café, crossbred with an icy tiki drink just made for long afternoons on an outdoor terrace. You’re picturing this.

Now, on most days, you’d be wise to summon Johnny’s absinthe cart, complete with several bottles and a little widget that has spouts for dispensing sugar water. But this time, your green fairy tale should begin on the side patio, the better for your crushed ice to mingle with the UV rays.

While the shucker is prepping your dozen oysters, the bartender will get to work on this: lemon simple syrup, egg white for frothiness, crushed ice and a healthy pour of your absinthe of choice (they’ve usually got at least half a dozen, including some rare ones that have to be direct-shipped from Europe).

The result: a cold herb-addled bite on the front, followed by a nice smack of licorice.

Now feel free to discuss Sartre and post-Expressionism in the sun.


The Absinthe Frappe
at Johnny’s Half Shell
400 N Capitol St NW
Washington, DC, 20001

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