The Pig Roast

Mateo Granados Catering

If this Fourth of July is like last year, and the year before that…and the year before that, then we're guessing you've got some cookouts lined up.

And while grilling is great, we think that after this weekend your revived sense of independence might lead you to something less conventional—like pig roasts.

That's where Mateo Granados Catering comes in. Chef Granados and his team will roast you a whole pig, usually a 50-pounder, and pair it with a buffet full of modern Yucatan dishes like duck tamales with spicy chocolate mole sauce and make-your-own carnitas tacos with handmade tortillas and smoked tomatillo sauce. (If that sounds like a lot of food, it is—it feeds 20 people, easy.) They're also equipped with a stocked mobile kitchen, so they can host your feast wherever you want it: the backyard, the park, even aboard that yacht.

Chef Granados (Dry Creek Kitchen, Masa's) doesn't use just any pig, either. He takes an organic suckling pig that's super succulent thanks to a lifelong diet of milk, marinates it for days, wraps it in banana leaves, then slow-braises it for more than seven hours, so the meat melts in your mouth like butter.

Trust us, it's a liberating experience.


Mateo Granados Catering

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