Lit Up

How MacGyver Would Weather the Storm

None This just in: there’s a storm a-brewin’. So it’s a good time to focus on the essentials:

Water. Light. Homemade bitters for your Old Fashioned.

We’re here to help with the first two. Though, come to think of it, that third one might come in handy, too...

Enter the LightCap, the unholy love child of a water bottle and a solar flashlight, available online now.

If MacGruber had a water bottle, it would look like this—a one-liter bottle with a solar panel attached to the lid.

Here’s how it’ll go down. It’s Friday morning, the eye is churning right off the coast, and 100 mph winds just threw your platinum ping-pong paddle through the neighbor’s window. (It was a gift.)

Time to head for safety. You’ll grab this thing, fill it with a proper drink—don’t forget the twist—and switch it on. At that point, the five superbright LEDs, powered by the solar panel, will begin generating eight hours of red or white light. As you make your way to your cocktail bar/bunker, you’ll go about lighting the way for the puppies, children and occasional stranded local weather girl you’ve rescued along the way.

Puppies love cocktails.


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