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Your Vinyl LPs: Now Speakers

None So.

That Glenn Pakulak sure loves his abs. Um... not that you were watching last night or anything.

Anyway. Let’s talk music. Specifically, let’s talk about a speaker made from vinyl...

Meet Change the Record, a service that transforms old albums into massive speakers for your cell phone, taking inquiries for orders now.

You’ll start by emailing Paul Cocksedge. He’s the MacGyver of turning old LPs into megaphones—ones worthy of an exhibit in London. (He’s got a gallery show there later this month.) At that point, you can either send him an LP (it’s about time you digitize the Cocktail soundtrack anyway) or let him source one from his extensive personal stash.

So picture it: your annual Labor Day BBQ. Inevitably, there will come a moment when the grills stop grilling, the swimmers finish swimming and the koozies tire of koozie-ing. That’s when you’ll break out this thing—it’s shaped like a warped record—hook it up to your cell phone (we assume your Labor Day 2011 playlist is nearly finished) and blast your tunes. And if the amp just so happens to spark a conversation or three, don’t be surprised.

Which reminds us: that Courtney sure uses a lot of hair spray...

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