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Bobby Flay’s New Downtown Burger Outpost

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Another joint that serves up a mean burger: not what you need.

And yet, your needs and your wants have been known to diverge from time to time. This also tends to happen when Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Milkshakes are involved.

So say hello to the just-opened Bobby’s Burger Palace, the first outpost of Bobby Flay’s empire to touch down in DC.

Now, there are a few things you’ll want to know about this place that make it a bit different from some other burger joints around town. Namely: 
  • After you order at the front, you’ll take a seat at one of the communal tables or the wavy, meandering counter, and runners will bring your burger to you—and clean up after you’re done.
  • The burgers are big and thick, and most are inspired by cities, like the Philadelphia (provolone, griddled onions and hot peppers) and the Dallas (coleslaw, Monterey Jack, pickles, BBQ sauce). And you can get any of them “crunchified”—that is, topped with potato chips.
  • The shakes run to the creative. Think Pistachio, Coconut and Cola, all topped with real whipped cream.
We wouldn’t normally suggest you wait to indulge, but their liquor license should be in place by the weekend, which means bottles of beer like Dogfish Head IPA and Anchor Steam for $3.50 a pop, and a little shot of rum, Kahlúa or the aforementioned bourbon in those shakes.

No wonder Ari’s wife is sleeping with him.

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