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The Tiniest Personal Trainer Ever

None On Friday nights like tonight, you often abuse your six-pack.

Gin. Cheesecake. Gin cheesecake.

But sometimes you have to look after it. Nurture it. Maybe do a crunch or something.

Which brings us to NewYu, a compact fitness guru that’ll keep score of the calories you’re burning while it’s clipped to your body, available for preorder now to help you tend to your midsection.

So when you go for a run, you have a pedometer to let you know how many miles it was to Papaya King. This thing is sort of like that, but way more advanced.

Clip it somewhere near your torso as you do… whatever it is you’re doing. It’s sophisticated enough to tell from your movements whether you’re running or walking. Whether you’re sweating on a real bike or an elliptical machine. Whether you’re shopping for shirts or pants. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

If you’ve got an Android, the app will use Bluetooth to sync your data to your personal online database in real time—or you can just wait until you’re done bench-pressing, stick the gadget into a USB adapter and voilà. Everything you’ve been doing is displayed on your computer to help you monitor how active you’re being week to week.

Note: martini shaking burns about 10 calories.

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