Super Fan

Fight the Heat with Your Phone

None Let’s do a quick summer recap.

June: hot.

July: damn hot.

August: your ceiling fan just went on strike.

It’s time you cooled off... with your phone.

Meet iPhone Dock Fan, a fan that’s pretty much exactly what you think it is, available online now for your summer-breeze-creating pleasure.

Here’s the deal. It’s a plastic fan that uses your phone for power—giving you up to six hours of cool, cool gusts.

So picture it. Tomorrow, you’re craving a meatball sandwich. But your sub spot requires a trek across two streets, without an inch of shade in sight. Between the blacktop, the scorching Texas sun and your fur bathing suit (it’s for a photo shoot), you’re worried you might burst into flames.

That’s when you’ll break this guy out of its case. Plug in the fan like any iPhone charger. As you prepare your fiery quest for meatballs, hit the switch. Then you’ll feel an overwhelming blast of ice-cold air on your face as you fearlessly fight the heat one step at a time.

Or you could just order delivery.

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