Dream Weaver

Headphones Designed for Sleeping

None The weekend: a rough one. Somehow, your late-night Twister tournament went straight into Sunday brunch.

And today: well, let’s just say the interns ripped the ping-pong net. Yes... again.

So tonight you’re looking forward to one thing: sleep.

Oh, and some new headphones.

Presenting Bedphones, a new pair of foam headphones specifically engineered for your sleeping pleasure, available online now.

So you already have headphones. And they’re great. But think of these as two mini pillows in your ears—ones that won’t hurt you during your late-night tossing and turning.

Tonight, you’ll hit the sack prepared. The velvet curtains: drawn. The thermostat: 69.3 degrees. Your 2,000 thread count sheets: ironed. In your ears: these guys.

You’ll toss on the foam discs, roughly the size of a penny. Then, fire up your “ZZZZs Top” playlist. If you have an Android phone, you can also turn on the app and set it to smart mode—which means that once the Searching for Bobby Fischer score and/or Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” sends you to dreamland, the playlist will automatically turn off. And to ensure you’re getting a quality eight hours, you also get a bed mask.

We won’t tell anyone about the Billy Joel.

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