Skins Game

Wallets Made from Anything You Want

None Ouch.

This could get ugly.

It’s probably time to start thinking about safe places to put your money. Gold. Your mattress.

Or maybe just a sharkskin wallet.

Introducing Vvego International, handmade wallets and cufflinks made of basically whatever the hell you want (including Jaws himself), available online now.

Think of each of these pieces as a snowflake that holds your money or keeps your shirtsleeve fastened. One-off cardholders made with things like tropical-patterned stingray and lined with materials usually reserved for Lamborghini hoods.

It starts, as such things sometimes do, in Alabama. You’ll talk to a fellow named Robert about designing the wallet of your dreams. If that happens to include elephant, he’ll find some legally sourced elephant skin (he knows a guy), work with you on a shape design and detail materials, and have it to you, usually, within 10 days.

Also available: a handsome set of predesigned versions made with vegetable-tanned leather or titanium they forged in-house. But if you’re especially bent on originality (and really, why wouldn’t you be), he’ll even sign a contract stating he won’t ever make another piece like yours again.

It’s good to get these things down in writing.

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