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Pho Colonial, by the Numbers

Today, we’re bringing you to a world of lemongrass pork buns and sake to go: Pho Colonial, a Vietnamese diner opening its second location today. And to break it down, our crack team of banh mi experts got into the numbers...

7: Vintage beach cruisers parked inside.
0: Beach cruisers they’ll let you “borrow” for a quick ride down Main Street.
1: Walls completely covered by a massive menu.
16: Banh mi options on said menu.
1: Banh mi options with BBQ pork. It also comes loaded with jalapeños, cilantro, cucumbers and pickled carrots/daikon. Enjoy.
C1: The letter/number combo you’ll utter to order a Shaken Beef Tenderloin from the signature chef dish menu.
1: Number of Vietnamese blended coffees made in-house.
4: Beers imported from Vietnam.
1: French-style patios fit for hosting your personal sake tastings.
1: Number of takeout windows.
1: Pink Vespa, ready to deliver your wonton soup and sake to your downtown office. (Assuming the TABC approves everything.)
Pretty good: Chances the TABC approves everything.
6: Types of sake they’ll deliver to you.
100: Percentage increase in office sake parties we foresee.


Pho Colonial
1623 Main St, Ste 102
Dallas, TX, 75201

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