The Shaping Room at Sunset Shapers

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Making Your Own Surfboard in the Sunset

UD - The Shaping Room at Sunset Shapers Your surfboard: it gets the job done.

But it could be better.

More personalized.

A better reflection of your finesse and carpentry...

Welcome The Shaping Room at Sunset Shapers, a backroom workshop where you can transform foam blanks into full-blown, customized wave riders, taking reservations now in the Sunset.

You may know the place as a stopover for surfing gear en route to Ocean Beach. But if you’re looking for the rare opportunity to hit the waves on your own creation, then you’ll want to take over this DIY studio (which actually started as owner James’s professional workshop) and get to work.

When you walk into the shop, you won’t immediately see the room, because it’s somewhat hidden. But as you find your way past the premade, off-the-rack boards, a small window will come into view. Look through it—that’s where the sanding, shaping and miracles of carpentry will take place.

Generally, you’ll reserve the room for two four-hour shifts, with the understanding that a longboard requires a little more time to shape than a short, stumpy fish. You’ll have full access to templates, electric planers, calipers, copious amounts of sandpaper and everything else you need to craft your board.

If you feel like talking shop, want a fresh set of eyes or even need a one-on-one lesson, you can lean on James, who’s generally on hand.

Mostly because you’re in his workshop...


The Shaping Room at Sunset Shapers
3896 Noriega St
(at 46th Ave)
San Francisco, CA, 94122

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