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The All-Pork Food Truck Has Arrived

UD - The Pork Shop In the spirit of easing your return to the working week, we’ll keep this simple:

Pork. From a truck. Now.

Behold The Pork Shop, the city’s first completely porcine food truck, now rolling through the streets spreading pig-related cheer.

On the outside of this thing: a minimalist black facade with simple white lettering. On the inside: an orgy of sizzling, lard-dripping goodness. You’ll keep up with them via Facebook, and find them at food truck rallies and regular appearances outside the CrossFit gym in South Miami. (Nothing finishes off a workout like pulled pork.)

The menu is concise: five pork-filled dishes and one pork-free dessert. So for lunch: Spicy Pork Tacos or Cheddar Biscuit Sliders, either one stuffed with pulled pork. Dinner can be a hearty porchetta sandwich, and late at night, Chef Ditti’s Poutine—steak fries topped with cheddar, pork gravy and bacon bits—should fortify you for a long evening out. And for those moments when you need to go whole hog, there’s Chef Ditti’s Dirty Pig Combo, which combines chicharrónes with the aforementioned poutine dish.

Okay, it’s not the whole hog, but it’s close.

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