The Free Man

Live Free

Gumbo, Jazz and Coconut Margaritas

You and that Katy Perry type, well, it just kind of happened.

Glances were exchanged. Words were spoken. Blue wigs were modeled. Next thing you know: date number one is on the books.

Now let us offer a suggestion: The Free Man, a Cajun-style jazz joint, soft-opening Monday to satisfy your many, many gumbo needs.

Naturally, it’ll start in Deep Ellum. You’ll enter a low-lit room that feels like it’s been airlifted straight from the French Quarter. You could opt for a table by the stage, but because it’s a date and you need privacy, request a booth in the back hallway. (Tip: the hallway’s been dubbed “The Alley.”) Here you’ll take in, say, Freddie Jones on the trumpet as you order up rounds of oyster po’boys and jambalaya. (Nothing puts you in the mood for a jazz solo like po’boys.)

But after dinner (around 10pm), the jazz turns to rock or maybe a jam session. And your dark-haired friend’s itching for the mic. You’ll go to the bar, which is lined in wood from picket fences. (Note: if you’re there before August 5, there’s a good chance they won’t have a liquor license.) After a couple Coconut Margaritas, she’s serenading you with “I Kissed a Girl.”

It’s okay to sing along.


The Free Man
2626 Commerce St
Dallas, TX, 75226

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