Fantastic Voyage

The World’s First Collapsible Guitar

Tell us if this sounds familiar.

Your butler has fully packed the helicopter for your relaxing weekend in the Swiss mountains, and your staff background musician approaches you with the look of sadness.

The problem: his guitar won’t fit, thus his contractual duties of supplying an instrumental soundtrack to your every move are to be shirked.

The solution: repack.

Or: a Voyage-Air Guitar, the world’s first fully collapsible, full-sized guitar, available now for the traveling-vagabond musician in you.

Look, at the end of the day, you may not need this, or for that matter, even play the guitar (although your collection of the shattered axes of Page, Hendrix and Townshend is always a hit at parties).

But we thought the idea of folding up a guitar for easy travel is the kind of frivolous must-have toy you’re known to favor (see: that working WWI vintage biplane bomber you can’t fly).

And don’t feel like you’ll have to go all James Taylor Unplugged with this—the company makes both acoustic and electric foldable guitars. With either one, you’ll just have to release the neck’s locking mechanism, at which point the axe gracefully folds down onto itself, with strings attached.

Now you just have to find a foldable cello to accompany it.

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