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Sharing Your Car with Your Phone

UD - Getaround We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting close.

Close to the day when your phone will take over the world.

Okay, maybe not close. But now it can unlock your car.

Oh, and other people’s cars, too.

Allow us to present Getaround, a site for car lending, borrowing and swapping that lets you get into strangers’ cars with your phone, rolling out now.

It all works through Facebook, which means you can see if the person looking to rent your car is a trusted friend, a friend of a friend or someone who should be a friend (as well as screen for any fans of The Fast and the Furious).

Then, no keys need to change hands. Whoever’s borrowing your ride will just access it by using the app on their phone to activate a GPS device that sits on your dashboard and has a keyless entry feature.

The service can work both ways. So let’s say you feel like driving something totally different for a day or a weekend. You can pull up the app, search cars and availability (anything from a Tesla to a Wrangler), turn your phone into a key (using the app, not some crazy soldering maneuver), and you’re in.

As for the chauffeur app, we’re working on it...

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