Mr. Roboto

Turning Your Phone into a Robo-Assistant

UD - Akibot Big news: typing is over.

Go ahead, give your fingers a rest. You can probably retire those 10 mini ice packs, too.

What’s in: talking. More precisely: talking to the robot in your phone...

Introducing Akibot, an app that helps your phone do exactly what it’s told, in pre-beta now.

First, let’s be clear. This won’t transform your phone into a butler version of Johnny 5. Not yet.

Instead, you’ll merely be controlling your email, your calendar and all incoming calls with the melodious sounds of your voice. Oh, and your phonebot will occasionally talk back.

So say you’re racing to the airport (Olivia Wilde needs a new suntan lotion servant, stat), and you owe Cuban an email re: yesterday’s Mavs girls tryouts. But, of course, you also need to keep your eyes on the road.

That’s when you’ll quickly press email on the app and say, “Cubes. Dancers 31, 42 and 1.” Boom: email sent. Then you remember you need to reschedule your hang gliding class. Press calendar, say the new time, boom: rescheduled. And as you pull into DFW, your mom calls. The phone warns you, “Mom’s birthday is tomorrow.”

Boom: still Mom’s favorite.

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