Potato Bar

Introducing the Potato Chip Candy Bar

UD - Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar This week, you’ve had some serious issues on your hands.

Negotiating an end to the NFL lockout. Debating whether to raise the debt ceiling. Finding the perfect movie snack.

We’ll start with the most pressing: the snack.

Presenting the Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar, a glorious marriage of potato chips and milk chocolate, available now online.

Imagine a bag of fresh potato chips. Then imagine stomping on it and pouring the salty bits into a tub of chocolate, before molding it all into a candy bar. (Just don’t tell the good people at Lay’s what you’ve done.)

So say you’re heading to a preview of Cowboys & Aliens (your money’s on the cowboys). You’ll sneak this in, and as the lights dim and the camera pans over Sam Rockwell’s flawless ’stache, you’ll retrieve this treat. Quietly break off a piece and toss it in your mouth. (Maybe offer a bit to your date, too.) After a quick hit of milk chocolate, you’ll hit a layer of crunch followed by a burst of salty goodness.

Just don’t crunch too loud.


Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar

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