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Frogs’ Legs and Cognac on a Downtown Rooftop

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Life at the top—it’s a beautiful thing.

Sort of breathtaking, actually. Amazing views.

To be clear, we’re talking about your next night at Perch—a stunning French rooftop bar slinging cognacs and cocktails 15 floors above Downtown, officially debuting Friday.

So the historic Pershing Square Building used to be 13 floors total, but the owner decided that was sort of unlucky—so he built a couple more levels on top for the Must crew to open a French bistro dropped among the lofts and bank towers. Needless to say, you support this kind of innovation.

Come by after work if you’re hungry for some Cordon Bleu Poppers and Shake & Bake Drumsticks (hint: they’re frogs’ legs) under a setting sun, lit-up trees and the shadow of some bank buildings.

And as the night progresses, your focus will likely turn to the exclusively French wine list, the rare cognacs—and at some point you might want to send a round of French Maids (cognac, lime, cucumber and mint) to the leggy expats at the next table.

Or to actual French maids.

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