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UD - Gojee So there you are. In the kitchen. Refrigerator door wide open. And you have that look on your face—like a jungle cat meets Kobayashi.

You need something new. You need something different. You need... advice.

Meet Gojee, a sort of Pandora for food, online now.

It’s going to happen. That all-important date where you boldly offer to cook a meal at home. You want to wow her socks off (at the least), but between your bocce league quarterfinals and putting together the perfect all–Barry White playlist, you somehow forgot to run to the store. That’s where this comes in.

You’ll go online and type in the ingredients you have on hand—the onion, the baby carrots, that beef tenderloin you keep around for emergencies. Go ahead, mention the beer, too. Finally, you’ll tell them anything you don’t like or can’t eat. (Hint: this is the time to find out if your date’s allergic to peanuts.)

Then sit back, sharpen a steak knife or two and watch as the database combs its rolodex of recipes, all designed by food writers. At that point, the food gods will deliver their verdict: tonight, it’s beer stew. If the meal goes well, the site will remember the recipe and recommend something for next time. And if it doesn’t go well...

Well, you still have an amazing recipe for beer stew.

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