Rogue 24

Going Rogue

24 Courses. In a Converted Garage. In an Alley.

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If you’re reading this on your smartphone, we’d like you to sit.

Not because we’re about to say something shocking. Just because we’d like you to practice sitting.

Since you’ll be doing it for a while once you get a table at Rogue 24, the extravagant new culinary playground by former Vidalia chef R.J. Cooper. Opening week (beginning July 27) is sold out, but they’re taking reservations for August and beyond.

In summary: your meal will last three and a half hours, and stoves in the middle of the dining room will churn out 24 courses. Here’s how we see it unfolding.

7:30pm: You walk through an alley (it’s luxe as far as alleys go) and arrive for your reservation in this converted dirt-floor garage.

7:40pm: Your service captain hands you your first cocktail—which might involve housemade smoked cola—as you unwind in the cozy, glass-enclosed salon.

7:50pm: You’re led to your table, which is totally bare. At least until The Three-Martini Lunch, three miniature classic cocktails, hits it all at once, each paired with a small bite.

8:45pm: You pull the nearest chef aside (there’s always one within 15 feet of your table) to ask just what’s in this course of Partridge Egg with Hay and Cured Gizzard.

10:20pm: Now on your seventh libation (plenty of wine, beer and rare spirits to go along with the cocktails), you forget about the egg anyway, as you’re distracted by your three desserts, one of which contains bourbon.

2pm the next day: You have your next meal.

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