Pile Up

Fighting Stress with Your Phone

UD - StressPile We know. You’re swamped.

But if you have a minute, we think this is worth it.

You see, it’s time you start fighting the stress... with your phone.

Presenting StressPile, an iPhone app that keeps you from going all Falling Down on that flake in accounting, available now.

So let us paint the scene. You wake up and discover that your electricity has gone out. (We blame the two-in-one hot tub/espresso machine.) You call the repairman, he’s out of town, and you realize that, because your alarm’s dead, you’ve overslept. As you zip down 75 to make up time, a minivan adorned with one of those “Baby on Board” signs cuts you off. Finally, you get to the office, only to discover that the CEO missed his flight from Tokyo and now you’re giving a presentation to potential investors—in 30 minutes.

Here’s what you do. First, breathe. Then, dig this out. You’ll rate your current stress level from one to 10 (sorry, no “11”) and it’ll play a soothing audio clip you’ve preselected to calm you down. (We’re thinking something narrated by Morgan Freeman.) Now you’re cool, collected and ready to run the meeting—and the app will track how often this kind of thing happens over the weeks and months ahead.

And if this fails, there’s always your emergency scotch.

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