Pork Butter

Served Up

Pork Butter. That’s Right: Pork Butter.

UD - Pork Butter You’re no stranger to piling condiments on top of pork products. Pickles, celery salt, mustard, even—gasp—ketchup.

But today, we’re going to talk about what happens when the pork product becomes the condiment. Yes, take a moment to process that.

Now, what you do with this information is up to you, but we’re guessing you’ll just take a seat at Ripple and order up some Pork Butter, available now to give you the spreadable fat you need to bring out those subtle notes in your glass of pinot.

This is pretty much as it sounds: spreadable goodness made from pork fat.

The chef starts with the leftover bits from the dozen or so types of charcuterie he serves (from hot coppa to speck to five different salami) and cooks them down until nothing is left but the essence of spice, smoke and salt. Oh, and fat. Plenty of fat. Fat that gets whipped with vinegar and more spices until it’s so spreadable and liquid that it melts if it gets too warm. Yes, just like butter.

The coup de grâce: crispy pieces of the braised ham sprinkled on top for a little crunchy texture (note: this part is not like butter).

When it hits the bar in front of you, it’ll be joined by housemade mustard and pickles, and plenty of crackers for dipping and spreading.

Or just ask for a spoon.


Pork Butter
available at Ripple
3417 Connecticut Ave NW
(between Macomb and Ordway)
Washington, DC, 20008

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