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Your Boozy Popsicle Machine Has Arrived

UD - The Quick Pop Maker Popsicles: cold, tasty, generally good on a day like today.

Booze: cold, tasty, generally good on a day like today.

Therefore, it stands to reason that a boozy popsicle would be cold, tasty and generally good on a day like today.

But as with anything, there’s only one way to guarantee such a thing is done right: by making it yourself...

Presenting The Quick Pop Maker, an innocent-looking popsicle maker that doubles as a maker of cocktails on a stick, available now online.

Consider this the big gun you’ll bring out for your next pool party, rooftop barbecue or two-a-days with the Cowboys cheerleaders.

So let’s say you’re throwing a pool party sometime soon. Roughly 24 hours before the first toe dips into the water, you’ll toss this device in the freezer. The inside of your new appliance will slowly reach arctic temperatures and then, between the Slip ’N Slide championships and the pig roast, you’ll bring this guy out.

At this point, you’ll slide some plastic sticks into this gizmo and pick your poison—throw in a little lime, a little vodka, maybe some ginger beer, and seven minutes later, boom: Moscow Mule Pops.

You may want to copyright that.

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