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The Pie-ing Game

Jalapeño Margaritas and Pies on the Westside

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Brace yourself.

Just kidding, don’t.

Because what we’re about to tell you isn’t earth-shattering.

It’s just a simple spot where the beer is cold, the people are genuine and the pizza is... covered in potatoes, bacon and sour cream.

We now submit for your approval: WestSide Pie—your new off-the-grid sanctuary for jalapeño margaritas and Loaded Baked Potato pies, soft-open now for lunch and dinner.

This is where you’ll come for a low-key fuel-up with a few friends just before heading off and staking your claim on the night—think floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete beams, exposed ceilings and, of course, a BMX bike randomly hanging from said ceiling (of course).

You could hit the black leather couches and catch a Braves game on the big screen (the one being projected on the wall above you) with a bottle of J.K. Scrumpy’s. Or grab an antipasti platter and some stuffed meatballs in the main dining room.

But you’ll soon find the best use of your time is at the thick concrete bar, where you and your confidants will make your way through WestSide Slings (high-rye bourbon, lemon) and White, Pesto, Apricot and Chimichurri pies before casually heading off into the great unknown.

Great unknown. Next bar... same thing.


WestSide Pie
1133 Huff Rd NW, Ste C
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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