Things to do for July 15, 2011

The Weekender

Sexy Art, Caped Crusaders and Predator: The Musical

The weekend is setting up your amps at Union Park.

Chicago’s Limited-Edition Shades

Chicago’s Limited-Edition Shades

Oliver Peoples may be a legendary purveyor of eyewear worn by flashbulb-weary celebrities. But their just-opened store came bearing a gift of sorts: 24-karat gold-rimmed aviator shades made in a limited edition of 50, exclusively for their Chicago opening. Sorry, Beverly Hills.

Available now, $595, Oliver Peoples, 941 N Rush St (at E Oak St), 312-266-9000

Predator: The Musical

<i>Predator: The Musical</i>

Presenting an alternative to blockbusters with massive firepower: live theater with massive firepower. This adaptation retains the core of Schwarzenegger’s masterpiece (marines, aliens) then adds its own touches (R&B, punk). Basically, it’s a director’s cut, if the director were Sondheim.

Sexy Art at Gallery Provocateur

Sexy Art at Gallery Provocateur

When it comes to art, you wouldn’t call yourself a critic. You just know what you like. And we think this show should fall within your taste parameters: it features erotic renderings of the female form. Also falling within your taste parameters: gratis booze at the opening.

Jul 16-Sep 30; opening reception Jul 16, 8-11pm; Gallery Provocateur, 2125 N Rockwell St (at N Milwaukee Ave), 773-661-2341

Superheroes and Villains Party at Lumen

Superheroes and Villains Party at Lumen

Thor has a hammer. Captain America, a shield. Green Lantern... a green lantern. All you have: the ability to beat cover charges in a single bound. So use these powers for good at a superhero party with free admission for the caped and costumed.

Jul 16, 9pm-3am, Lumen, 839 W Fulton Market (at N Green St), 312-733-2222

Master of the Mix Victory Tour

Master of the Mix Victory Tour

No CD, no MP3, no Spotify can match vinyl’s ability to make old-school hip-hop sound, well, so old-school. To prove it, scratch-master DJ Scratch headlines this victory tour to support the winner of a reality show about scratching. Yes, there was a reality show about scratching.

Jul 16, 9pm-midnight, The Shrine, 2109 S Wabash Ave (at E 21st St), 312-753-5681, RSVP here 

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