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Late-Night Negronis and GoodFellas in Sandy Springs

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Quick, grab a calendar.

Happy Friday, by the way.

Anyway, calendar. Now mark an X through next Thursday and carefully write the words “negronis,” “lamb belly with polenta” and “5'10"/brunette/dimples” next to it.

We’ll let you get started on that last part this weekend...

As for the rest, we just thought you could use a little reminder about the arrival of Cibo E Beve, a new under-the-radar Italian spot ripe for a date-night (and late-night) takeover, opening Thursday in Sandy Springs.

As you step inside and take in the scene before you, a predominant thought will prevail: this place is tiny. Yes, it’s a small nook of a space. But within that space, limitless possibilities.

There’s the gray zinc bar to your right: the future scene of your Honey Pimms Cup–induced urge to summon every last small plate on the menu, from the Wood Grilled Octopus all the way to the Hamachi Crudo Salmoriglio. But eventually, the time will come to move on.

And when that time comes, you’ll escort your be-dimpled companion to the white marble chef’s counter, where you’ll settle into Italian leather chairs and petition a round of Fernandos (Fernet-Branca, Galliano) while you watch your wood-fired margherita pies and orange/fennel-braised osso buco being prepared right in front of you.

Of course, you could also do all of the above at the dark-wood communal table while you watch drinking scenes from old-school movies (GoodFellas, early Bond flicks...) on the big-screen projector.

Which reminds us, there’s a big-screen projector.

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