House of the Rising Gun

An Alarm Clock That Requires a Sidearm

UD - Gun O’Clock Congratulations on waking up this morning.

Seriously, you deserve some recognition.

Think about it. Not only are you alive to conquer another day, but you’ve also managed to emerge from your slumber feeling fresh, energized and full of adrenaline.

Probably because you just pistol-whipped your alarm clock into submission.

Introducing Gun O’Clock, a horrifyingly named alarm clock that requires you to shoot the hell out of it before it stops making noise, available now.

If you’ve made it this far in the reading/skimming process, it’s safe to assume you’re serious about the methodologies you choose in order to properly carpe your diem. And it’s good that you’re serious, because in order to shut this thing up, you’ll need a steady trigger finger, steely-eyed focus and... the little fake gun it comes with.

So there you are, at the dawn of a long day of conquering empires, merging mergers and overseeing the Intern Olympics training program (if not you, who), when your alarm sounds.

Your first instinct will be to reach for a pistol. Follow this instinct. Then, proceed to squeeze off precisely three rounds into the center of any slumber-interrupting target that happens to pop up from the center of your alarm clock. If your aim is true, happy snoozing. If not, think of it as the morning target practice you never knew you needed.

Either way, win-win.

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