Wild Salsa

Wild Thing

A New Den of Salsa and Tequila

We hate to inform you, but your guac’s been missing something. Namely: bacon.

Allow us to explain...

Meet Wild Salsa, a new den of steak tacos and tequila, opening this afternoon in Downtown.

Picture every Día de los Muertos party you’ve ever been to, and you’ll get an idea of this place. There are beads hanging from the ceilings, a massive mural with skulls and, in a bold feat of engineering, a column made entirely from tequila bottles.

If you’re here for lunch, take your clients to a booth in the back room and discuss TPS reports over Toasted Panela Queso (a glorious marriage of queso and pico) and Lamb Shank Barbacoa. (You only talk TPS reports over lamb.)

But on days like today, you and your colleagues will saddle up at the concrete bar for some tequila on tap. (Though when the temperature’s no longer in the triple digits—it’ll happen someday, we swear—you’ll want to gather around the corner table with a built-in fire pit.) You’ll start with some chips and the bacon-spiked Wild Guacamole. Then follow that up with sweetbread tacos, washed down with a Volcano Margarita.

Two words: muddled jalapeños.


Wild Salsa
1800 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75201

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