Bull Tilt

Unlocking Your Inner Bill Clinton

UD - The Bullsh*t Artist We’ve got to hand it to you: you can hold forth on just about any topic.

But occasionally, when the stakes are highest—an exploratory committee fund-raiser in Iowa, last call in Adams Morgan—you may just find yourself needing to bluff your way through a situation.

And remember, bullsh*t is 90% preparation, 10% execution.

Here to help: The Bullsh*t Artist, a handy new tome designed to bring out the Slick Willie who’s been lurking inside you all this time.

First off, you will not be seeing this small, paperback volume in the bookstore of the Harvard Business School. But you should.

The first of its two sections concerns what we’ll call “macro-level” bullsh*tting: the characteristics of the successful bullsh*tter, bullsh*t techniques (eye contact, tone of voice), bullsh*tting via smartphone and social media, and—most importantly—how to avoid taking your bullsh*t one shovel too far (useful for your next date with a federal prosecutor).

Then we get into specific bullsh*t: 12 chapters, each covering the need-to-know facts on specific sectors of bullsh*t, like art, food and economics. Thus, you’ll find yourself spinning mere facts of straw (Impressionism often featured loose brushstrokes and bright colors) into bullsh*t gold (“These loose brushstrokes are what make this a truly classic work of Impressionist art”).

Of course, all of the above could be bullsh*t.

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