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Sangria and Spray Tans on the Beach

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You don’t need a ton of extra incentive to get out of town this weekend. Or any other weekend this summer, really.

But that’s not stopping one new beachside oasis from throwing in some crab legs, sangria pitchers and even a mobile spray tan. (Your abs are looking a little pale.)

Welcome to The Deck, a leisurely oceanside retreat masquerading as a restaurant, opening Friday on the sands of Laguna Beach.

So usually at a restaurant, you order your chicken wings and then you eat your chicken wings. But here, that’s just the beginning. You’ll start with a table at the edge of the deck, right over the sand. You’ll have some wings and maybe some margaritas. You’ll start to feel refreshed. Away from it all. That sort of thing.

But then you’ll probably want to move over to your indoor-outdoor cabana, order some pitchers of mojitos and remove some clothing. If you want a masseuse, they’ll send one right over. Personal videographer: not a problem. Mobile spray tanner: check. (Alternate: the sun.)

And because this is all found at the Pacific Edge Hotel, if you decide you need a room for the night, you’re set.

Might want to keep that videographer on standby.

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