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Flying Across a Lake Like Iron Man

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - Jetlev-Flyer Ben Franklin. Samuel Adams. John Hancock.

While only one of them could make a great beer, they were all bold men who took risks.

It’s time you did the same—with a water-powered jetpack.

Introducing Jetlev-Flyer, the world’s most powerful (also: only) mass-produced water-powered jetpack, available now online for preorder.

Yes, this is real. Very. So thanks to—you guessed it—the Germans, you can fly across a lake on the equivalent of two powerful fire hoses. (Actually, just go ahead and watch this video. We’ll wait.)

So your Fourth will start like any other: a lake, a boat, your flag-patterned board shorts. Until you casually slide into this thing, with its not-so-subtle 33-foot hose, which connects you to a boat-like vessel that generates up to 500 pounds of thrust. (Buckle in.)

When the moment strikes—maybe the grand finale of your fireworks show—you’ll hit a button on each joystick. Suddenly, water will fire out of your pack as you blast off from the lake. You’ll soar like a damp Rocketeer, flying 33 feet over the water, shifting your weight to move between skiing pyramids at up to 22 mph. (Helping you do this: the lesson you get when you buy this thing.)

Which reminds us: the price tag of this Iron Man–style experiment is roughly equivalent to that of a new Ferrari.

In other words: totally worth it.

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